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Richard Pinder - Managing Director

Richard has spent most of his career in the Building Sector and Engineering Services in senior and executive positions for blue chip companies. He has also run his own consultancy company and advised several leading American clients opening up operations in the UK. He is well qualified and also has a degree in economics.

He moved to the Cotswolds nearly 10 years ago when he fell in love with the region and, as a result, he and his wife Susan decided to buy and operate a guest house in Broadway.

He says - "it is a wonderful lifestyle change" and he loves in particularly being an Ambassador for the Cotswolds with the International Clientele' that he and his wife regularly entertain.

Richard Pinder, Managing Director of Cotswolds.Info

Richard decided to start the website Cotswolds.Info two years ago to market the Cotswold brand as a whole unified region and not split by vested County interests. He says "the Internet is a fantastic medium in which you can achieve a world wide audience and make a big difference!".

The site has now grown to achieving 4000 unique visitors per day and over 3,750,000 hits per month. Telephone enquiries for Cotswolds information, at all times of day and night, have grown to 30+ per day.

The website has now become so popular that Cotswold businesses now regularly ring him up wanting to be represented on the site. The frequent testimonials from businesses who are advertising bear witness in the amount of extra customers they have obtained.

Due to the business expanding so rapidly Richard has decided to bring in help with the Marketing and he is pleased to announce that John Rayson, a previous high flyer in the retail world, has now joined the company.

John Rayson - Marketing Director

John has had 30 years of experience at senior management level with several well-known high street retailers. He has also run his own small business so he understands how crucial cost effective marketing is for any business both large and small.

John Rayson Marketing Director Cotswolds.Info

He was involved in the product development and buying for Top Man in the early 1980’s when the chain grew from 10 to 190 stores.

As Buying Director for the Lewis Group he played a key role in the rebranding and conversion of Chelsea Girl to River Island.

Latterly as Managing Director of the Edinburgh Woollen Mill he introduced a completely new store identity to appeal to the affluent 50+ market.

His own small business experience includes running a clothing design and purchasing business as well as a small chain of tourist gift shops.

Cotswolds.Info, Tourist Information Provider, represents a tremendous opportunity as we already know from clients testimonials that it works. It can therefore be viewed as a genuine opportunity for Cotswolds businesses to be represented on this premier site across the globe for a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising.

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