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New Brecon Beacons Web Site to fill a Gap

The Cotswolds Information web site ( has just launched a sister web site for the Brecon Beacons and the surrounding counties.

In the wake of tremendous success of the Cotswolds.Info website which is now achieving over 4000 visitors per day and circa 6.80 million hits and 450,000 page views per month from all parts of the world it was decided by Richard Pinder, Managing Director, to apply the same successful formula to the region generally known as the Brecon Beacons.

Due to extensive research it was found that this region of the UK is comparatively poorly represented on the World Wide Web and what information exists is very fragmented and confusing for the potential visitor and UK Tourist. This situation is amplified when it comes to foreign tourists with the direct result that they do not bother visiting at all.

Richard Pinder, Managing Director, says "The biggest advantage we have in marketing Tourist Areas is that we are not constrained by county boundaries, as indeed tourists are not, and therefore we can bring the 'big picture' of a region to the potential tourist which county tourism departments can't".

The new website aims to change all that by pulling together a unified information resource to better tempt tourists to the area from a truly International audience.



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